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Direct Democracy Portal

The project aims to give all interested PL/EU citizens a way of directly speaking about all important social and economic subjects by participating in votes and creating polls and petitions.

The key function of the DEMOK system is a public figure ranking - a tool for judging politicians with the help of standardized criteria on a scale of 0 to 100 ( 10 criteria, each scored 0 - 10 points ). Once every 24 hours, around 3:00 AM, the system takes an average of all daily scores submitted by users and publishes the “values” of individual politicians for the given day. And just like that every day. Thanks to this, politicians are evaluated for their public service daily and potentially by all Poles, not once every four years by citizens of a constituency, to which a politician was assigned during an election.

Why did we create DEMOK ?

Reason 1:

DEMOK was created to give respect to every citizen - taxpayer, who each year gives away half of his income to his country. We want every citizen to have the possibility of directly judging everything that is happening in the country ( or European Union ) and scoring the work of politicians, to whom he commits his money and his country.

Reason 2:

Daily judging of the politicians’ work by the entirety of active citizens - users creates a chance of raising the political culture in Poland (EU) in a perspective of 5-10 years, a long-term aim of the foundation’s work. Displaying results in the form of rankings reminds everyone of the fact that a person’s real brand is their name and not the name of the party they currently support. The current placement in the ranking and the average score given by users can be both disciplining and motivating for politicians. The portal has a chance to aid in the return to politics of people, who we would like to see there and who shun it usually.

Reason 3:

A ranking with results changing daily is a mechanism known from the stock market, where each positive and negative piece of information changes the price of the stock of a company listed there. This mechanism, which has existed for a few hundred years, seems to be very natural and adequate also to the world of politics and media. The historic record of the “value” of a given politician in correlation with his actions and national affairs may be interesting cognitively.

A bit more about the project’s concept: (presentation)

The first test implementation of the DEMOK system was carried out for the citizens of Podkowa Leśna near Warsaw:

A similar system can be launched in every Polish community - just contact us:

piotr . lubanski @ demok . pl

A press article(PL) about the possible use of the DEMOK system in the judiciary system, for substantive, apolitical evaluation of the judges’ work by advocates and solicitors working in the area of expertise of a given court: