Our mission

Our mission

The Foundation’s core business is creating and developing internet systems, which support direct democracy and social economy projects. Our mission is education and inspiration for social activity. (presentation)

The Foundation is completely politically neutral and has nothing to do with political movements, which invoke direct democracy ideals. The Foundation’s founders are mathematics, physics, economics, management graduates from the University of Warsaw and the Warsaw University of Technology, who come from the internet industry (among others, the creators of eBilet.pl - 2001), not from political circles.

The Foundation’s key projects:


- a platform for direct democracy equipped with a ranking stock for continuous scoring of public figures (description)


- a system for mutual exchange of goods and services assisted by a local, social point “currency” (description)


- a system for supporting social transport (description)


- an application to help choose the right time to use electrical energy in regard to RES production fluctuations (description ENG)


- a website in 6 languages launched in February 2022 to support the idea of convincing young russian soldiers to choose life and ultimately freedom, instead of serving in the army of invaders and dying

Our mission is to implement socio-economic projects and create new digital tools for supporting “engaged” democracy.

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tel +48 533 344 220
piotr . lubanski @ demok . pl